Why Syracuse Is Better Today

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In an effort to keep content fresh, I’m going to start posting shorter stories featuring photos that tell a story. Hope you enjoy!

Recently, I’ve been riding the train to nearby Syracuse almost every other weekend. Despite the extended winter that we are experiencing in Western New York, I’ve enjoyed short trips to The Salt City for Saturday visits and Sunday brunches.

I have greatly admired downtown Syracuse’s street grid, as well as the historic mixed use buildings that compliment a walkable environment. Recently I’ve spoken extensively about how Armory Square is so vibrant today because the original human scale, classically urban buildings dodged the evils of urban renewal in the 60s-80s. While the streets aren’t activated here (these are photos of an early Sunday morning, and it’s 30 degrees out), during weeknights and Saturdays, these sidewalks are hopping with amazing people. And the fact that Syracuse has retained so much of it’s traditional, street activating spaces is why.