img_8318About The Blog

When I seriously began this project in January of 2015, I did so with the intention of creating a sort of travel blog featuring the hidden gems in places in New York State that you wouldn’t think to spend a day or a weekend.  I would fuse my love of photography with my desire to write in an effort to generate and chronicle the enthusiasm in places that may not have otherwise had a voice.

Discovering the power and potential of our Upstate New York cities has been eye opening and life changing, and I am tremendously grateful for the experiences I’ve had.IMG_1228

Over the last few years, I have moved on to conversations around the elements that create healthy cities, neighborhoods and communities today.  Walkability, public transit, financial solvency, bike infrastructure, smart development, public space, public pride and ownership of our futures are all topics you will see in our posts today. While we discuss issues of public policy, legislation, statistics and money, The UP specializes in addressing public perceptions and how they affect the way we see our cities.

The blog is called The Urban Phoenix for a reason.  Together, we can work to highlight our cities on the rise, as well as the elements and people that make them better places every day.  Come on, enjoy this journey with me and I promise we’ll have some fun. 😉

If you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at theurbanphoenixblog@gmail.com