The Beautiful Bones Of Armory Square

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Last year I toured Syracuse’s Armory Square for the first time, walking the streets of Syracuse’s most attractive neighborhood.

A few weeks ago I revisited Armory Square and was reminded of why I love it. Red brick and amazing brews, great food and a dense, people-first street orientation that reminds us all of what great cities looked like before the horrors of urban renewal and highway expansion.

For breakfast I stopped into Modern Malt for the first time and helped myself to a delicious plate of Tot-Chos and an amazing Bloody Mary. The eclectic retro atmosphere and the insanely creative menu made me an immediate fan.

Afterwords it was a quick pop into Accents of Armory Square, a store featuring a diverse collection of jewelry, both high-end and affordably priced.

As I walked the streets, I remembered just how much I enjoy the feel of rugged brick buildings that hold you in, embracing you in all their classic urban glory.

A trip into Empire Brewing for a beer flight is always on the agenda. Spoiler alert, I didn’t take any photos inside because I forgot… I had such a great time talking with the bartender and sipping a tremendous selection of brews, my sense of photo duty completely eluded me 😉

Streetside cafes, colorful awnings, well placed trees and lamp posts from another time dotted the streets, providing a sense of welcoming detail.

I stepped into Midnight Sun once again. Women’s clothing and wonderful gift options abounded as always… and who can say no to a dress with dinosaurs?

Just like my last visit, I walked into Ish Guitars and used all the willpower I had to avoid buying a new ukulele… I already have one that works great. Still, this is one of my favorite music shops in New York State!

The first hints of fall color and weather were beginning to show on the bustling streets.

To finish my 4 hours in one of New York’s mini-Urban paradises, I stopped at Kitty Hoynes, a truly authentic Irish Pub.

Sure, I’ve been here before. I’ve eaten the food, sampled the drinks, enjoyed the shops and walked the streets… but when you truly love the energy of a place, there’s nothing wrong with reminding yourself and the world how much you enjoy it. Cheers Syracuse, you’ve got a forever fan in me!