Five Interviews For Your Days At Home

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Have you checked out The Urban Phoenix Podcast yet? If not, here are five recent interviews, most under 30 minutes, to get you started. The podcast portion of The Urban Phoenix has seen tremendous growth over the last few months, and I am very excited about the future of this medium. The goal is to connect you with urbanists and topics surrounding our communities in the amount of time it takes for a round-trip commute.. or virtual commute! With over 80 recorded episodes already, there’s bound to be a series of topics that you can connect with. Enjoy!

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An Interview With Rochester’s Maria Furgiuele

Maria is the Executive Director of the Community Design Center of Rochester. We talk about quality urban design, public space, transit, balconies, and the future for our cities in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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An Interview With Utica’s Stephen Keblish

Stephen and I talk about Utica, Urbanism, small city life, the importance of livability and Stephen’s service in the National Guard… and more!

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An Interview With “Crafty” Mask Maker Rachel Walsh

Rochester’s Rachel Walsh is deeply rooted in the arts, crafting, music, theater and general creativity. Today, she’s using her talents to make masks in an effort to mitigate these difficult times.

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An Interview with Sandusky Ohio Assistant City Planner, Tom Horsman

Tom talks about his journey to an Urbanist life in the small city of Sandusky

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An Interview With Rochester’s Jeremy Cooney

Jeremy Cooney was born in an Indian orphanage, and raised by a single mother in the City of Rochester. Today, he is a lawyer and the Democratic and Working Families Party candidate for the NYS Senate, District 56