Photo Thursday #3: The High Line

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One of the most famous examples of spatial repurposing in the United States is New York City’s “High Line.” A former freight rail line, elevated above the streets of the Meat Packing District, The High Line now boasts 1.45 miles of park in an area where there was none before. Furthermore, since the park is above the street level, visitors can feel a sense of calm and a oneness with nature, while still feeling part of the city below.

I clicked this image on a summer morning 4 years ago.  The hoards of tourists and urban explorers were still hours from filtering their way into what is now one of New York’s most visited attractions.  Under the long rays of the first sun, it is a place for runners looking to breathe some clean air before they head for work.

The High Line isn’t just a tremendous example of former industrial infrastructure transformed into something that welcomes millions of visitors each year, it has been the catalyst for over $2 billion in economic investment.

This week’s Photo Thursday shows what a little vision and some strategic fundraising can do.  The High Line is one of my favorite urban creations.