Cities Offer Options for Some, Solutions for Others

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At their best, our cities are places where people of a diverse array of socioeconomic statuses can live a comfortable and fulfilling life with living, employment, lifestyle and entertainment options. They are places where density blends with environments that breed collaboration, ingenuity, artistic expression and economic fluidity. They are places where lives on the upswing can maximize resources and potential.

All this makes cities amazing places for people who have things going their way. But this isn’t the reason I encourage people to live in cities. One of the most underrated reasons I believe cities are great places for everyone is that they offer a multitude of options for those who are struggling. The choices regarding housing (rent, buy, luxury, rent controlled), mobility (cars, trains, buses, bikes, walking) blended with close proximity to more resources allows those who have means to make choices, but it also offers those who are struggling a bigger safety net of options to get back on track, or at the very least, maintain a reasonable life.