Scalable Commitment: Why Micro Breweries Are So Hot

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I hopped off the train in the pouring rain and pedaled the mile or so to Copper City Brewing in Rome, New York.


I won’t lie, I walked into the brewery completely soaked, dripping on the ground with rain running off me like a modest waterfall.  Danny saw me and immediately took my rain jacket and hung it up.  A drink was already waiting for me before I even sidled up to the bar.  My day was about to get better.


And that, my friends, is why craft breweries have become some of the most important draws in our communities today.  It’s the good community people that are ready and willing to make your day.  It’s the different hop-based experience you can have from one week to the next, while maintaining the same welcoming spirit.  It’s the “scalable commitment” of time and money… you can stay for a beer, a flight or for the day and have a great time by yourself or with friends.


Breweries’ reasonable size makes them the perfect compliment to a city block, or in the case of Copper City, a step away from downtown, but close to the The New York State Thruway for passers by looking for a fun experience along their journey.  More importantly, these micro-destinations have become meeting places for friends, business outings, happy hours and community events.  They are the new glue, the places where people can see each other and connect over some delicious socially-lubricating beverages.


These are the places that have changed our cities and communities and how we approach them… they are “commitment-light” gathering destinations that our neighbors and community members own and manage.  There’s a feeling of connection to the home-grown product that offers a unique and ever changing taste adventure without the formality of a sit-down meal… simply stay for one or stay forever.

Empire Brewing in Syracuse
Photo May 18, 5 19 29 PM
Lock 32 in Pittsford
Photo Apr 17, 8 35 56 PM
Lake Drum Brewing in Geneva

Scalable Commitment… remember that.  Places like breweries and coffee shops we can visit in a heartbeat or for much longer.  We can sit in a corner and do work on a tablet, or converse with the local staff, meet up with friends, get business done without the need for a boardroom, or a combination of the above.  In our communities today, the worlds of living, working and playing (I’m sorry to use those three words, I know they are horribly overused) are blending more and more… places like Copper City have the power to bring us together for any combination of these needs, for any length of time.  Cheers everyone, this is where it all happens!