Photo Thursday #2: Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park

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I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and capturing some powerful urban images over the last few years.  In our new Photo Thursday series, I’ll share some of my favorites and “put them in motion” so to speak, telling the stories behind the pictures of our city life today.

We all know that New York City has a brilliant gem in Central Park.  Not as many people know that Chicago has Millennium Park, Grant Park and now Maggie Daley Park, all huddled between the beating heart of the city’s downtown and Lake Michigan.  I took the photo below a couple years ago, contrasting the tall grasses, the gorgeous greenery and the wide sweeping pathways against the powerful backdrop of The Windy City’s financial center.

IMG_4270 (1)

This photo conveys the importance of beautiful, approachable, free, and well designed public space.  Even the most staunch urbanophile needs to feel that he or she can escape the hustle and bustle, the concrete jungle, and the honking horns for the peace and tranquility of nature, of green grass, and the warm embrace of greenery.  Our greatest cities understand this.

When I took this photo, I remember thinking I would be here every day if I could.  The magnificence of the city a stone’s throw away, and the natural calm of voluptuous nature all around me.  It’s a powerful feeling.  As much as I love city life, I truly believe places like this photo need to be an integral part of their appeal.