The Beautiful Bones Of Binghamton

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Yesterday I shot a small wedding in Binghamton, NY. Admittedly I haven’t spent much time there in a few years after writing Binghamton: A City Of Two Tales. After years of writing about cities across our state and the elements that make them beautiful, unique and special, it was refreshing to walk around Binghamton for a couple of hours, enjoy a few of the establishments, and all the potential this city has to be an incredible place to live.

We talk about a city’s “bones,” referring to the beautiful buildings and infrastructure that still stands after the horrors of Urban Renewal tore so much of it down in the 70s and 80s. Binghamton has one of the most prolific and unique collections of buildings with nuance and an inclusive density that is rarely found in a downtown of its size. In very few small cities is there ever a feeling that you’re inside it… so often, there is a wall of structures that flank the streets, but Binghamton has several places where you can spin around and see these magnificent structures rise above you, holding you in.

So with Monday being the 3 year anniversary of the first time I wrote about beautiful Binghamton, I walked around, grabbed a few drinks, and snapped some iPhone photos to share just how much life there is in this small city, and more importantly, just how much incredible potential it’s “bones” possess to house and drive the vision for a bright future.


The Chenango River allows for some stunning views, just a step away from the urban streetscape that is downtown.

A beautifully engaging pedestrian infrastructure lays the foundation for further growth, encouraging residents and visitors to take in all that the city offers on foot.


And then there’s the tremendously beautiful and unique tapestry of food and drink establishments.  Binghamton continues to wow the senses with delicious eateries and creative settings for anything from a bohemian beer to an elegant (but approachable!) cocktail.

The Colonial on Court Street has a wonderfully inviting outdoor seating are that engages the streets and breathes life into the neighborhood
Galaxy Brewing gives everyone room to sprawl out and enjoy some of the best beers in the state

The Garage offers tacos, tequila and so much more.  With an inside-out design, the crowd can spill out into the patio, which has the feel of a cozy back-alley gem, or stay “inside” and marvel at the eclectic atmosphere.

Finally, there really is nothing in New York quite like 205 Dry, a legitimate speakeasy-style cocktail lounge, complete with the hidden bookshelf door!