Big Week for The UP

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Some weeks are just better than others.


This week, The Urban Phoenix was thrilled to introduce our UPclub, where members can enjoy exclusive access to content, interviews and other behind the scenes goodies… and of course, one of our new t-shirts!  The UPclub will also allow members to share their own content, whether it be articles or photos, for our members section, coming soon.  You don’t have to be an urban planning junkie to enjoy these perks, you simply have to love what happening in our upstate cities!

Schenectady Trip

Yesterday I traveled to Schenectady, New York, one of my favorite Upstate urban centers.  There I talked to folks about the new casino and it’s impact and potential impact on the city.  I stopped into some new places and some old standbys.  I spoke with members of the historical society and the library and discussed how these community organizations are adapting to new and different needs of their changing communities.  Look for those stories and more this week!


Monday, April 3rd, we will launch an exciting new regular feature on The Urban Phoenix, yourUPstate.  Each week, talented photographers from across the state will submit photos of their city life, giving you a truly unique visual experience.  A departure from our typical information-based posts, yourUPstate will be a quick-hit of gorgeous photos of cities from across our state every Monday.  Get to know our talented photographers who are excited to share their city with you!  See the urban beauty of Upstate New York unfold before your eyes, each week!

Buffalo Central Terminal Debate

Coming soon, check out The Urban Phoenix’s take on the debate that is gaining momentum in Buffalo… where to put their new train station?  One side wants to keep the station where it is now, in downtown.  The other wants to revitalize the historic and iconic Buffalo Central Terminal, located in an underserved neighborhood East of the city’s center.  We’ll show you both sides and give you our perspective.

Ramping Up

We’re doing a lot here at The UP.  We are truly driven to ensure you receive content that not only affects your city, it affects all of us.  Whether we talk about cities as big as Buffalo or as small as Geneva, the issues that affect the growth in our cities are relatively universal.  Want to learn more about the key elements of growth and the universal barriers to change in your urban area?  Stay right here with us, we’ll take you there.  If you love what we do, please consider becoming a member of our UPclub today.  Support The UP and of course, get that new T-Shirt!