Never Stop Exploring Your City

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By ArianDavidPhotography

Yesterday, on my way to RocBrewing in Rochester, I biked by a street I had honestly never seen before.  Lafayette Street is a tiny little arm off of Union, just a stones throw away from the mammoth Inner Loop construction project.

The tiny street features all the beauty of times gone by, but the attractive part of this little gem is how seemingly every resident has done their part to keep the street clean and colorful.  While it’s only spring, gardens, flowers, trees, and well maintained grass told of the effort to keep this little piece of Heaven alive and well!

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The street reminds me of two very important things when learning to truly love our communities.

  1.  Never stop exploring them.  Whether it be a little side street, a neighborhood you haven’t walked in years, or the neighbor down the street you never met, jump at the chance to begin mini-exploratory adventure and see what you can find!
  2. The little efforts you make to beautify, to speak positively of your community via your words and your actions always have an impact, whether you see it or not.  It is the little differences we make that collectively feeds into a better tomorrow where we all support what make our cities beautiful and unique.!