12 Hours In Chicago: A Photo Tour

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Spending 12 hours in Chicago, bookended by two overnight train rides… yeah, that was my weekend. There’s something very satisfying about taking a quick trip to a great place and being able to tell about it on Monday morning at work.

On this particular trip, I visited with my good friend Camden for the day as we popped around Downtown, Wrigleyville, and West Loop.

It was a great day hopping around Chicago with my good friend Cam!

Along our fun-filled journey which included great food, craft brews and cocktails, I took some pictures in an effort to, once again, share the magnificence that is The Windy City. Chicago is, for me, one of the most beautiful cities, and as these photos will show, the city’s splendor and excitement is in abundant supply.

Willis Tower
“The El” is one of the most wonderfully practical rail networks in the country
Protected bike lanes downtown connect with rail stations and Bus Rapid Transit stops to form a tremendous multi-modal transit network
These guys are everywhere, and super talented. Incredible drumming on plastic barrels… the sound is primal and the stick-spinning wizardry is absolutely eye-popping
Michigan Avenue
It’s amazing… when you have protected bike lanes, a lot of people bike. How about that?
The Civic Opera Building walkway was playing host to a wedding photo shoot
The entrance to Millennium Park features two water features that draw families and children
The iconic “Bean,” arguably the most visited site in the midwest.
When greenery meets gloriously classic urban architecture, flanked by modern skyscrapers, the effect is almost a beautiful layering of urbanity
Chicago’s Riverwalk just keeps getting better
On The Red Line to Wrigleyville
Outside of Wrigley Field where my Cubbies were on the loosing end of a lopsided game. This space outside of the stadium was a former parking lot, now transformed into an inviting piece of green space
The West Loop area is absolutely stunning. Amazing food and drink scene, filled with back alleys that meander through old industrial bones. Epic!

After an exhausting day of walking, eating and enjoying a few adult beverages (hey, it’s not like I was driving!) I boarded my Amtrak train and inflated my pillow for a long trip home. It was certainly a whirlwind through the Windy City, but I got to see a great friend and enjoy one of the greatest place in the country, all in a weekend. I was so impressed with Chicago’s continued growth and commitment to beautiful spaces that bring people together. It’s what keeps me coming back for a great time, every time.