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By ArianDavidPhotography

Last weekend, I hopped on my bike and rode around the city of Rochester, taking photos of just some of the amazing things we have here.  Some things about Rochester we know are wonderful… but like any city, there are lots of places and sights that many don’t know exist.

After I posted my lighthearted entry about my Easter bike ride around the city, a friend texted me with a simple request… “I liked it, More Rochester Please!”

Friday, I decided to continue my iPhone photographic tour of Rochester.  This is far from a new concept obviously, but I think we all need regular reminders that our city is a stunning place to be.  Again, I left my pro equipment aside in an effort to really experience the city in a lighthearted fashion rather than try to get the perfect shot.  These photos are more about casual fun and photographic enjoyment rather than well framed masterpieces.

Most of my day was spent along the Genesee River.  A commonly held misconception of Rochestarians is that there’s nothing to see along this historic waterway.  While I admit there are parts that could certainly use a “facelift,” what exists now is still quite stunning. In this case, the reality of the river is far more stunning than the commonly held perception.

I really love the Sister Cities Bridge, a pedestrian structure over the Genesee that features flags and informational plaques highlighting Rochester’s sister cities across the world.

Photo Apr 01, 10 01 15 AM

Photo Apr 01, 10 03 36 AM
Broke out my Fuji for this ride!

Photo Apr 01, 10 04 59 AMtemp-5

On the West side of the bridge is the seldom enjoyed but nonetheless enjoyable Genesee Crossroads park, providing plenty of relaxing space and some of the best views of Rochester.  Plans are also beginning to heat up with regard to the development of this area, more great news for our city!

Photo Apr 01, 10 07 11 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 08 37 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 10 25 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 17 56 AM

I rode west on Andrews Street and made a right on State on my way to High Falls.  This is a part of Rochester that, again, many know about but few visit.  However, the success of the Genesee Brew House across the river has created more foot traffic to the area via of the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge.  This is an area full of history, beautiful and interesting buildings and just a great place to walk around for a while.  To really know Rochester, you really have to know High Falls.

Photo Apr 01, 10 21 40 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 22 58 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 24 09 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 24 16 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 25 16 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 26 14 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 26 29 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 27 30 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 27 50 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 28 01 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 28 20 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 29 00 AM

Photo Apr 01, 10 29 29 AM
This window was the first thing I ever shot with a digital camera, probably about 11 years ago!

I made my way across the Pont de Rennes bridge and took the obligatory but always stunning photos from the middle.

Photo Apr 01, 10 31 19 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 34 18 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 32 34 AM

The Genesee Brewery and Brew House shown here from the bridge has brought attention to the High Falls/Saint Paul area once again.  Genesee has done a wonderful job reconnecting with the city of Rochester and its residents, reinventing itself as a source of pride in our city.  Rare is the day you spend time in the downtown area and NOT see someone wearing Genesee gear!

Photo Apr 01, 10 34 37 AM

Once across the walking bridge, the park on the east side of the river led me to another stunning view of the falls and the city.  Shameless GoPro selfie time.

Photo Apr 01, 10 37 57 AM


Next I traveled down beautiful Saint Paul Street, where gorgeous old brick buildings are being repurposed into stunning lofts and commercial space.  They’re having some fun with the exteriors as well!

Photo Apr 01, 10 46 16 AMPhoto Apr 01, 10 48 34 AM

Rochester’s relatively new RTS bus terminal has had a tumultuous infancy, but has and will over time continue to provide riders with a warm, increasingly safe and aesthetically pleasing hub for sustainable transportation in our city.

Photo Apr 01, 10 48 41 AM

Finally, a leisurely ride down the west side of the Genesee toward the Ford Street Bridge calmed the senses with the river and treeline on my left and historic Corn Hill on my right.

Photo Apr 01, 10 56 34 AM

A fun addition to the Genesee Riverway Trail is outdoor exercise equipment, a sort of “gym-and-ride” workout opportunity walkers, cyclists and runners during the warmer months.

Photo Apr 01, 10 56 13 AM

The Ford Street Bridge isn’t just a pretty sight, it also offers some of the better views or the Rochester skyline.  Perhaps a little far for an iPhone, you get the idea 😉

Photo Apr 01, 11 01 22 AMPhoto Apr 01, 11 00 10 AMPhoto Apr 01, 11 00 58 AM

Continuing my “loop” I started back north toward the city on the east side of the trail.  This whole area is really starting to pop.

Photo Apr 01, 11 04 37 AMPhoto Apr 01, 11 03 11 AMPhoto Apr 01, 11 07 27 AMPhoto Apr 01, 11 07 38 AM

After a fulfilling ride around the city, it was time to refill the stomach.  I made my lunch destination Magnolia’s on Park Ave, one of my favorite city spots.  A glass of wine and an incredibly flavorful Caesar Wrap (Magnolia’s has some of the best breakfast and lunch food in the Rochester) completed my day.

Photo Apr 01, 11 49 33 AMPhoto Apr 01, 11 54 34 AM

I’m going to make this a regular thing, my iPhone photo trips around Rochester.  I’ve explored and blogged all over this great state, and that will happily continue… but I do love the city I live in.  I do love the resources we have, the beauty we are surrounded by and the history we are a part of.  It’s all about putting boots on the ground (or pedals on the trail!) leaving your car and exploring the wonderfully unique things are have right here at home.

Photo Apr 01, 11 05 54 AM