Fall In Love With Corn Hill. Again.

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By ArianDavidPhotography

Last Friday, I biked through Rochester’s Corn Hill neighborhood.  Once a gorgeous thriving haven for Rochester’s wealthy residents, this area has transitioned into a home for many apartment dwellers and is surrounded by some of the more socioeconomically challenged streets in the city.  But the beautiful homes still stand as proudly as when they were first built with stunning brick, elaborate trim and no lack of color.

As downtown begins to thrive again and neighborhoods like the South Wedge experience a renaissance, Corn Hill is almost a forgotten land, a gorgeous but often overlooked testament to Rochester’s rich architectural history.  I myself hadn’t walked though it in years!

Below is a reminder that this neighborhood is still one of the most amazing places in the city.  If you haven’t visited for some time, take a minute or two to scroll through and re-familiarize yourself with Corn Hill.