The Little Things: Grove Place

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By ArianDavidPhotography

We photographers are always looking for places to shoot, whether it be for a senior portrait session, a wedding party or just for the fun of it.  One of my favorite little known places for all of the above is the Grove Place neighborhood in Rochester.  Never heard of it?  I’m not surprised.  Not many know the quiet streets in this hidden little gem just north of Eastman School of Music, between Main and University.  I decided to leave the pro camera at home and walk this quaint neighborhood armed with only my iPhone.  Sometimes it’s nice to put the larger equipment aside and take photos with a good smartphone.  Makes it feel more causal and organic 🙂

Photo Feb 29, 9 10 09 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 08 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 28 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 17 PM

The things that strikes you first about this neighborhood is just how quiet it is.  Just a stone’s throw away from some of the busier streets in the city, very little traffic and dense but beautiful rows of homes dampen virtually all the city sounds.

Beautiful trees, brick walls and sidewalk linings compliment a diverse grouping of homes and apartments ranging from traditional to modern.  Parts of it have a bit of a Brooklyn feel but really this neighborhood has a look all to it’s own.  It is unlike any other place in Rochester, and it’s beautiful even in the cold winter months (but it’s GORGEOUS in the summer!)

Photo Feb 29, 9 10 23 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 12 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 19 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 18 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 24 PM (1)Photo Feb 29, 9 10 26 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 24 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 22 PM

Doors of stunning wood, wrought iron gates and red brick EVERYWHERE.

Photo Feb 29, 9 10 15 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 25 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 13 PMPhoto Feb 29, 9 10 21 PM

If you love your city and want to walk a beautiful little street you’ve never seen before, Google Selden Street in Rochester.  In ten minutes, you can take some great pictures and introduce your friends to a place off the beaten path before you head back toward Gibbs Street for a cup of coffee at Javas Cafe.  Sounds like a good afternoon to me!