The New ADP: A Little More Me

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Over the last 8 or so years, I’ve been very fortunate to run a thriving photography company focused on simplicity and affordability for all of my wonderful clients.  In the last year, I’ve also had the pleasure of connecting with rising communities and great people from all over the state, an experience that has truly changed my life.

In doing all of this, I have realized that the line between who I am and the business I run has slowly faded away.  My work has become part of who I am, and everything I am shows up in the work I am doing.  This is a good thing, and while sometimes it’s healthy to compartmentalize your life, this is not one of those times.

While nothing will change how I run my business, or how I will conduct myself, you will see a blending of my photography with my thoughts and my personal life more often on this blog, and on my social media postings.  You’ll see amateur photo competitions mix with my love for biking and public transpo.  You’ll see my wedding and portrait photography mix with my desire to spread the good word about what’s going on in Rochester and beyond.

So as I’ve said before, come along on this journey with me… I promise it’ll be fun! 🙂