The Little Things: Lamberton Conservatory

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By ArianDavidPhotography


Sometimes we overlook the little things that make our cities great places to live.  This post officially begins my focus on The Little Things, the places woven into the fabric of our communities that routinely go unnoticed.  Sit back and enjoy, this is gonna be fun. 🙂

The Story

Rochester has a jungle, a desert and lush greenery that breathes life into all of us, even in the cold, dark depths of winter.  These micro-scapes inspire the eyes of the artist, and give quiet comfort to those searching for respite.  All this can be found in a place you can spend 10 minutes or two hours, all for 3 dollars and a little soul revival.  Rochester, this is your Lamberton Conservatory.


It’s small size reminds us to slow down and take inventory of the little things that are really important to us.  It tells us that the large, the overwhelming, the grand sights and structures are not always what we seek.  To pull inward, to seek the space in our hearts that yearns for the simple, the quiet and the natural.


To sit and relax in perfect warmth on a 20 degree day…


To have a little conversation with a turtle, or perhaps a quail… I mean have you seen these things?  They are proof that God has an adorable sense of humor!


To capture the beautiful, or enjoy a secluded space to sketch what’s in front of you, or what lies in your dreams.


To admire the colorful, textured, sometimes prickly details…


Or enjoy the the big rooms, the big picture, to step back and love this mini-paradise right here in our city!


It’s a tiny place, a small slice of heaven in a city with a growing heart.  It is an underdog that beckons you in for shelter from an ever faster, always changing world into a space that slowly breaths right along with you.

Take a minute or take the day to step into another world right here in our community.  Bring a camera, a good book, a sketchpad or just a smile and open eyes to find the beauty in a small but inspiring spot in Rochester.