The Best UP Posts You Never Read

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Old TV shows used to feature at least one episode in which the main characters would longingly reflect on fond or entertaining memories… which just happened to be clips from previous episodes. It was a sort of cheap-and-easy way for producers to create a “new” episode with old content.

Consider this my “fond reflection” episode.

In just over four and a half years of The Urban Phoenix, more than half a million visitors have taken an interest in the content we’ve produced. I am tremendously grateful for all the support from our readers, be it the urban planner, city-lover, or those of you who just love the pictures of our changing cities.

All that said, there are many posts that I truly believe are meaningful that just never get off the “digital ground.” These are some of the more important posts that I’ve produced, but were viewed less than 100 times. Take a moment and “reflect” on some of the older but important UP posts that, frankly, very few people have read! Cheers and thank you for all your support!

Spatial Envy: Our Unrelenting Desire To Separate – 98 Views

MoneyBall And Your City – 96 Views

Back To School: An Overlooked Engine Powering Urban Rebirth – 91 Views

What If Reducing Speed Eliminated A Deadly Disease? – 87 Views

How Social Media and Smartphones Gave Light To Urban Darkness – 85 Views

Rochester’s Employment Sprawl Strains Effectiveness and Opportunity – 72 Views

A Context-Based Look At How We Share Our Roads – 38 Views