My Cape Cod

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Crossing the bridge into Cape Cod almost changes you.  That bridge… it’s the barrier between your life and your soul.  Once your cross, you leave everything behind, if only for a short while.


On the other side, the only choice is all that you can do, and all you don’t have to.

When a trip to a Salt Pond becomes a quiet walk with nature.

IMG_3256_tonemapped IMG_3267_tonemapped IMG_3289_tonemapped

When lighthouses and monuments lead to glorious views.

IMG_3298_tonemapped IMG_3300_tonemapped IMG_3326_tonemapped IMG_3349_tonemapped IMG_3353_tonemapped IMG_3368_tonemapped IMG_3331_tonemapped IMG_3611_tonemapped IMG_3640_tonemapped IMG_3661_tonemapped IMG_3653_tonemapped IMG_3673_tonemapped

Where a train ride leads to an inland adventure.

IMG_3537_tonemapped IMG_3402_tonemapped IMG_3418_tonemapped IMG_3478_tonemapped IMG_3507_tonemapped IMG_3526_tonemapped

Where the tip of The Cape is just the beginning of a beautiful day…

IMG_3543_tonemapped-2 IMG_3550_tonemapped IMG_3588_tonemapped IMG_3576_tonemapped IMG_3606_tonemapped

A day that takes you over mountains of sand…

IMG_3810_tonemapped IMG_3724_tonemapped IMG_3763_tonemapped IMG_3737_tonemapped IMG_3780_tonemapped IMG_3823_tonemapped IMG_3830_tonemapped

…To the most breathtaking of beachside sunsets.


IMG_3941_tonemapped IMG_4105_tonemapped

Speaking of beaches, there are a few of those.

IMG_4000_tonemapped  IMG_4319_tonemapped IMG_4155_tonemapped

IMG_3306_tonemappedIMG_3295_tonemappedIMG_4337_tonemapped IMG_4285_tonemapped IMG_4256_tonemapped IMG_4360_tonemapped IMG_4372_tonemapped IMG_4352_tonemapped

You can even bring your favorite ride.

IMG_4584_tonemapped IMG_4219_tonemapped

Or follow a path to catch some dinner.

IMG_4532_tonemapped IMG_4529_tonemapped IMG_4526_tonemapped IMG_4524_tonemapped IMG_4452_tonemapped IMG_4470_tonemapped IMG_4488_tonemapped IMG_4503_tonemapped IMG_4515_tonemapped

The last morning there I biked to the beach one more time, just to walk alone and smell the salty air.  I was blessed with a sort of steely sky, the sun pouring a slight golden warmth onto the water.  For a moment in time, I could not imagine anywhere I would rather be.

IMG_4580_tonemapped IMG_4568_tonemapped IMG_4539_tonemapped IMG_4559_tonemapped IMG_4545_tonemapped IMG_4564_tonemapped

This was my Heaven.  This was my Cape Cod.