Looking In

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Sometimes we need to look at these parts of ourselves that aren’t so beautiful.  The parts that need attention, the parts we shove aside, ignore, either by accident or by design.  Even as we grow as people, as communities, even as we reach toward greater heights, we must always remind ourselves the job isn’t done.  Not to discourage our progress or to frustrate our good intentions, but to temper these with the humbling awareness that, inside us all, we still struggle with our ghosts.  The struggle, rather than the ignorance of dismissal will always be the right path to a better tomorrow.

IMG_4760 IMG_4775 IMG_4765 IMG_4832 IMG_4813 IMG_4805 IMG_4783 IMG_4771

I know some people won’t like the fact that I posted these images.  But part of photography is about telling the whole story, about showing the things in all of us, good and bad that need to be seen.  I love seeing the good in everything, but it’s important once in a while to look at the parts of us that are difficult.  That’s every city, every community, and every single one of us.