#Luv4Roc: What Do We Love About Rochester?

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I’ve been paying so much attention to photographic experiences in other places.  The truth of the matter is, I really do love my hometown of Rochester, NY.  It’s been a tremendous place to live, play work and grow a successful business.  We have so many exciting things happening in this city, but often we need a reminder of just how great a place this is.

On March 29th, the sun shined brightly on my latest adventure… armed with my typical implements (my camera and electric scooter) I traveled all over Rochester and asked 37 different people/groups one simple question… “what do you love about Rochester?”  From Monroe Ave. to State Street, from Magnolias to Spot Coffee, from dog walkers to visitors from 3,000 miles away, many of the answers were as colorful and diverse as the wonderful people that make this city great.

Some answers were short.  Some folks were happy to share more.  Either way, I left it all in the final cut. If there was more than one person in a particular interview, I gave them one voice… I felt this was important.

I call it #Luv4Roc.  Wanna meet your neighbors in Rochester?  Want some reminders of what makes our community so great?  Click the first picture below and follow me on my journey.  Share with your Roc friends if you agree this is a great place to live.  🙂