What 107,081 Means to Me

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That’s how many people have viewed this blog since I first clicked “Publish” on my Utica post in January.  As all of you know, it’s been quite a wild ride since then!  That number in the title is just staggering to me… I don’t even know what that means.

So as I sit here at 2:31am, sipping a cup of coffee (no I don’t sleep much, nor do I want to!), listening to the latest single by Muse, I can’t help but reflect on what’s happened in the last few months.  The success of the blog, the countless connections I have made with good people all over New York State, the upcoming wedding season which promises to be the busiest I have ever had… it’s overwhelming sometimes.  In a good way of course, I wouldn’t think of complaining!  I am so thankful for the success I’ve had recently, and I am anxious to continue this positive momentum!

Someone asked me about the blog recently.  “How did you know it was going to be a success?”  I answered with the truth, “I didn’t.”

I’ve tried a lot of different things with my photography, and most have crashed and burned.  Wuw wait, back up… my business hasn’t crashed and burned, it’s been a nice steady climb and it continues.  I’m talking about my creative projects.  I’ve tried a million different styles, techniques and approaches.  None of them have done much more than impress my wonderful mother, but she has to be impressed, it’s kind of her job.

So one day last summer I was headed to New York City on the Amtrak with my girlfriend.  We pulled into Union Station in Utica New York, and I couldn’t help but notice the steam locomotive and all the old railcars parked next to the station.  As a long time train fan, this caught my eye.  It made me wonder what might be in Utica, what might this city hold that nobody else knows about?

So I formulated this crazy idea to blend my love of photography with my love of trains with my love of people with my love of cities and exploring with my love of sustainable transportation, and throw in some writing.  Wouldn’t you know, it worked.

I think there’s something there though.  Do what you really love, and share that enthusiasm you have for that love with others.  Pour yourself into whatever you’re doing and don’t be afraid if people think you’re a little nuts.  That’s what 107,081 views means to me.  It reminds me to always do what I enjoy, and work as hard at doing those things as I can.  That will continue to be the beacon that guides me in my work, in my adventures, and with all the good people I have yet to meet.