The NEW Urban Phoenix Podcast

Photo by Kendra Fee

The New Urban Phoenix Podcast is super simple.  Just me and a microphone for 10-12 minutes.  Sometimes I just get the inspiration to talk about city and national issues for a few minutes over a glass of whiskey.  That’s basically what this is.  No studio, no guests, just an iPad and an extension of the UP content that you’ve come to know.  Give these a listen and add us to your regular podcast rotation!

An Interview With Brooke Fossey from Bagel Bike in Pittsford, NY

Brooke blends her love of biking with a small business venture while adding character to her community

UP Commute: Chicago’s Amazing Public Spaces

UP Commutes are simpler podcast pieces I record on the rare occasion I drive my car. Today I talk about Chicago’s commitment to public space and how we can apply the ideas to any city.

What Is Walkability?

Haven’t we beaten this to death? Maybe not. It’s important to define exactly what creating a”walkable environment” means!

Sprawling Within: Bigger Homes, Smaller Families

Americans aren’t just moving their homes farther away from cities, they are moving farther away from each other within their own homes!

Backseats and College Campuses: Why Millennials Are The Way They Are

A look at why younger people want better transit more than any other previous generation

It’s Time To “Stop” Right On Red

Right-on-red has been allowed since the 1970s. Here’s why it’s time for it to “stop.”

Bikes and Scooters Just Want to Be Safe Too

Too often, we chastise these modes of transit on the sidewalk… why we should be more understanding

Looking Up

Our cities need a lot of work. But there’s nothing wrong with seeing the good things we’ve done

Bike Advocacy: Safety or Legitimacy

Bike organizations and active cyclists try to educate drivers on how to share the road with cyclists. But are they educating drivers on WHY people bike in the first place?

Scooter Share in Rochester

It’s coming.  Here are my thoughts

A Different Direction

The UP’s journey into 2019 will include a strong “multi-media” presence

Who’s Responsibility Is It When A Local Business Fails?

When that neighborhood bar, or your favorite local place to shop goes under, who’s to blame?

City Streets Or Highways: Which Would You Remove?

Curious thoughts one what would be better for our cities

Cars: A Tax On The American Dream?

Are cars just a tax on the American Dream?

The Difference Between A Suburban Village And A City Neighborhood

The difference between a suburban village and an urban neighborhood

Stop Blaming And Get Involved

Stop blaming politicians for our struggles and get involved in your community!

Rochester Bike Share & A Year In Limbo

Rochester’s Bike Share: After two-thirds of our city’s bike share fleet was stolen in 2019, what is our perception of bike share in 2019? How does what happened last year affect our vision of Rochester’s urban revitalization?

A New Direction

A re-introduction to the new direction of The Urban Phoenix