Thoughts From The Bus

I like riding the bus. Here are some some raw urbanistic mind ramblings from the time I spend on public transit.


I’m getting real tired of these New York State commercials telling pedestrians how to walk and cross the street, portraying walkers as the most idiotic people on the planet. Can we please remind New York State that drivers break the law far more often, and also have the highest opportunity to inflict bodily harm or death with the 2500+ pound vehicles? All these videos about how pedestrians need to use the sidewalk, not be distracted, etc… when every commute I see cars in the crosswalk, rolling through stop signs and right on reds and talking on cell phones, all while piloting machines that can kill.

Don’t agree with me? Walk my commute with me and I’ll be happy to show you. Pedestrians should follow the law, but far too much air time is spent addressing this, and not nearly enough is spent reminding drivers of THEIR responsibilities.