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We know you love The Urban Phoenix.  Here’s your chance to bring the uplifting message of urban rebirth directly to your group or audience.

UP author and photographer Arian Horbovetz is ready to come to you, sharing what he’s  learned about cities and urban dynamics from years of traveling across New York State.  Learn the not-so-obvious ways your city can take the next steps into a vibrant world, where downtown citizens and visitors work together to create a happy, healthy tomorrow.

Furthermore, Arian will customize his lecture to your city, the positive steps and the areas it can improve, as well as possible solutions that are working for other cities.

Your audience will be empowered and entertained, as so much of Arian’s content will center on real world ways individuals can step out and improve their own urban centers, with a sprinkle of lightheartedness and humor.  Arian’s goal is always to keep listeners engaged with content that is new, fresh and interesting with a focused, yet energetic presentation customized to your needs.

Book Urban Phoenix author Arian Horbovetz for your next civic meeting, business retreat, or any pro-local conscious forum today!

Rate: $400 for first half hour, $100 for each additional 15 minutes.  Does not include travel cost.

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